Journey Into Self

Spiritual Coaching,
Life Coaching & Healing

Attract Peace & Calmness and Connect With Your Spiritual Self

Explore a Deeper Connection between Inner & Spiritual Self

Clear the Past

Clear your past and negative programming. Using my combination of Reiki, Hypnotherapy, counseling, coaching, and insights from spirit, we will help you heal and clear the beliefs and patterns that hold you back.

Connect to Your Inner Wisdom

Connect, and INNERstand your truth. You’ll be able to stand confidently knowing your true self-worth, what you should do with your life, and access your wisdom to steer your life towards abundance.

Create a New Life

Create a new life filled with Love and Harmony. Once you release and detach from your old thought patterns, habits, and triggers, you’ll have the freedom to choose what is in your life and allow new relationships, opportunities, and lifestyles

Meet Sa Ra

Sa Ra is a Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, Energetic Healer, and Lecturer. An alumnus of the Aquarian Spiritual Center, he has studied the ancient wisdom of various Spiritual philosophies for over 30 years and is an ardent devotee of Sri Sri Amritanandamayi Devi. Sa Ra is a certified Reiki and Psych-K practitioner, Hypnotherapist and provides Spiritual, Personal, and Relationship counseling services.

Author of Book of Light & Luminous Wisdom

This Book of Light is a collection of inspiring insights that have come through me from Spirit. These insights were gifted to me often after my meditations and studies. The messages have come from introspection and revelations resulting from undergoing and overcoming life challenges. Spirit has instructed me to share these insights with others because we are all on similar journeys, and all can relate to and benefit from them. We are all in this great drama of life together. Each of us has gifts to offer to humanity to aid in our collective ascension and journey home to Spirit. This is my gift to you.

Attract Your Ideal Life

Open to infinite possibilities in attracting new business opportunities, beautiful relationships, and more profound growth in easier ways.

Find Deeper Connection

Learn the tools and techniques to connect your true higher self. Feel spirit and love throughout every aspect of your life.

Eliminate Stress and Drama

Empower yourself with the tools to save yourself and end the cycle of drama. You’ll be able to enjoy your life and relationships without all the games.

Journey Into Self
Journey Into Self

Master Your Emotions

You will learn techniques to master thoughts, emotions, and speech, enabling you to attract the ideal life and relationships. Through his simple processes, he will teach techniques to help you to detach from patterns that no longer serve and learn to respond positively instead of reacting negatively. After coaching through the Journey Into Self program, you will be able to:

  • Attract and Choose Healthier Opportunities and Relationships

  • Gain Deeper Knowledge and Understanding of Yourself

  • Achieve Deeper Personal and Spiritual Growth

  • Discontinue Destructive Patterns and Cycles

  • Eliminate Stress and Drama

  • Develop the capacity for Unconditional Love and transition away from Transactional Love