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Clear The Past

Clear your past and negative programming. Using my combination of Reiki, Hypnotherapy, counselling, coaching, and incites from spirit we will help you heal and clear the beliefs and patterns that hold you back.

Connect To Your Inner Wisdom

Connect and INNERstand stand your truth. You’ll be able to stand confidently knowing your true self worth, what you should do with your life, and access your wisdom to steer your life towards abundance.

Create A New Life

Create a new life filled with Love and Harmony. Once you release and detach from your old thought patterns, habits and triggers you’ll have the freedom to choose what is in your life and allow new relationships, opportunities and lifestyles that you’ve always wanted.



Sa Ra is a Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, Energetic Healer and Lecturer. An alumni of the Aquarian Spiritual Center, he has studied the ancient wisdom of various Spiritual philosophies for over 20 years and is an ardent devotee of Sri Sri Amritanandamayi Devi. Sa Ra is a certified Reiki and Psych-K practitioner, Hypnotherapist and provides Spiritual, Personal, and Relationship counseling services.


Spiritual Practices are Our Greatest Weapons

Give not into the energies of frustration and despair if we lose a battle with ego. Innerstand that those emotions are part of the arsenal of ego to weaken our defenses. Instead, regroup through our mediations and Spiritual practices to rebuild and strengthen our...

The Power of Vibration

Innerstand that vibration attracts like vibration. Therefore it is important that we maintain awareness of the vibrations that we emanate into the Universe from our thoughts, words and emotions. Realize that the people in our midst are those that we have attracted to...

The Kingdom of God is for Everyone

The Kingdom of God is not reserved for a select group of people. It is not a club designated for members and proponents of any one particular Religion or Spiritual designation. The path to God is not limited to one road. The Kingdom of God (Heaven) lies within each of...