Journey Into Self

3 Month Coaching Program

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 3 Month long Coaching Program

You will learn techniques to master thoughts, emotions and speech, enabling you to attract the ideal Life.

Clear The Past

Clear your past and negative programming. Using my combination of Reiki, Hypnotherapy, counselling, coaching, and incites from spirit we will help you heal and clear the beliefs and patterns that hold you back.

Connect To Your Inner Wisdom

Connect and INNERstand stand your truth. You’ll be able to stand confidently knowing your true self worth, what you should do with your life, and access your wisdom to steer your life towards abundance.

Create A New Life

Create a new life filled with Love and Harmony. Once you release and detach from your old thought patterns, habits and triggers you’ll have the freedom to choose what is in your life and allow new relationships, opportunities and lifestyles that you’ve always wanted.

Meet Sa-Ra

Sa Ra is a Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, Energetic Healer and Lecturer. An alumni of the Aquarian Spiritual Center, he has studied the ancient wisdom of various Spiritual philosophies for over 20 years and is an ardent devotee of Sri Sri Amritanandamayi Devi. Sa Ra is a certified Reiki and Psych-K practitioner, Hypnotherapist and provides Spiritual, Personal, and Relationship counseling services.

“Sa-Ra’s guidance brought me closer to my partner and most importantly with myself.”

Diana Davis

“I have so much trouble quieting my mind, Sa-Ra has helped me find peace so I can love my life again.”

Jessica Bowen

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Journey Into Self

3 Month Coaching Series

Where your focus goes, grows.

Searching for your true purpose? Looking to attract a relationship? Need to Rekindle your productivity and success? Battling between living your purpose and finding stability?

Create your ideal life

Learn to bring out the best in yourself and attract better opportunities for relationships, success, and abudance. 


Find Deeper Connection

Learn the tools and techniques to connect with your  true higher self. Feel the power of spirit throughout every aspect of your life.



Empower yourself with the tools to save protect your energy and end the cycle of drama. You’ll be able to fully enjoy your life without all the games.

Sa Ra will teach you techniques to master your thoughts, master your emotions and master your life. Through my simple process I’ll teach techniques to help you to detach and learn to respond instead of react. Sa Ra will also explain the true purpose of Religion and Spirituality. Benefits include:


Attract and Choose Healthier Relationships


Better Life Decisions


Achieve Deeper Personal and Spiritual Growth


Freedom From Stress


Eliminate Relationship Stress and Drama


Attract Wealth and Abundance

Sa Ra’s Guarantee

I guarantee that if you apply the techniques that I teach, you will immediately experience reduced stress, improved sleep, better relationships and control over your thoughts and emotions before you leave the coaching program.

  • Deeper insight into yourself
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved sleep
  • Deeper and more meaningful relationships
  • Enhanced control over your thoughts and emotions

*Need based scholarships are available to those that quality

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